Learn to use attention, intention and your whole self to achieve your best performance in daily and professional life

     The Alexander Technique has been a resource for over a century for helping people to meet the challenges of life.  It came to my attention many years ago when I was coping with a debilitating form of arthritis that created great discomfort and  loss of flexibility. I was very resistant to the idea, but I was finally persuaded to attend a weeklong workshop in a beautiful property in West Virginia at an old mansion that was once owned by a relative of George Washington. During my first days there, I didn't understand what was happening and I didn't notice anything at first. On the 3rd day I found myself walking down a dusty road and I noticed a sensation that as if I were floating. I felt a sense of kinesthetic lightness and freedom of movement I hadn't experienced since I was a child. It was explained to me that this change was something anyone could learn. I was inspired and not long after that I decided to train to be a teacher.


In these pages, you will find information to help you understand the basic concepts of the work, how lessons are taught and links to help you find out how you can learn this wonderful, empowering technique.