As we move we are always being acted upon by gravity, drawn toward contact with the ground. Our muscles are designed to respond with perfectly synchronized stretch and tone while the central nervous system accomplishes a miraculous coordination of every muscle in relationship to every other muscle in the body. The result of falling toward the ground is that we spread out and up toward the sky. In other words, we move my falling up! When we interfere with this design by overriding  these reflexive actions with unnecessary effort, even ordinary actions can become laborious and less enjoyable because we are pulling ourselves down. As interference becomes habitual it feels "normal" and we don't even know we are doing it. Over time, the strain on the muscular system worsens causing more tension, misalignment and a variety of physical maladies. The Alexander Technique gives you a window into the present moment when you can use your awareness and conscious direction to break the cycle of habitual interference. You can engage in this process while you are doing yard work, housework, typing at a computer or playing with your kids. You discover a lighter and freer way of living!